Donald Trump’s odds of surviving this have fallen to zero

There is now zero chance that Donald Trump will not be removed from office, whether it’s through resignation, impeachment, or the less likely case of the 25th Amendment. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has always had his target on Trump, and the only question was how and when. The fact Trump has led a life of crime has not helped his case. Through the use of money laundering in his Atlantic City casinos to bypassing the law to avoid paying contractors, Trump has never been one to follow the rule of law.

As evidenced by Trump’s multiple investigations into his casinos, where he was forced to pay massive fines while also admitting money laundering, it is clear that Trump never had the slightest inkling of a need to follow the rules. It’s quite ironic that Trump, and his family, felt that they could have continued the life of crime, while still getting away with it, until he decided to run for president. It’s ironic but not surprising as Trump has led a life of crime his entire life. When he first started, Trump and his father were subjects of a lawsuit into their racism, preventing black tenants from easily gaining access to rent in their buildings.

This life of crime has followed Trump all the way to the White House. With the daily stories coming out, further proving Trump’s treason, it is understandable why he has been acting so erratically. He fears for his freedom, which explains the early morning tweets of fear. The way that Mueller toys with Trump, as if he’s just some dog toy, is quite enjoyable. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who just stated that Trump failed to pay him back for the $130,000 for the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, had recently said this money was in no way connected Trump, but lies like this seem to dribble forth daily.

While Donald Trump can continue to say something, then deny it minutes later, one thing is clear. Robert Mueller knows everything and he’s coming for Trump. While this realization does not surprise most, it seems to scare Trump, as his lawyers continue to tell him this investigation does not involve him and it will be over soon. Both of those are false, and while Trump’s lying lawyers may never serve time for those lies, Trump certainly will!

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.