You’re not just imagining it

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You’re not just imagining it. The media has in fact given far more negative coverage to the Biden administration than they did with the former guy – despite the age-old tradition of Republicans accusing reporters of having a left-wing bias. Those who work in the media or simply hold up the media as the fourth estate like to invoke the defense that pundits and journalists are simply holding the people in power accountable – refusing to idolize our leaders in the way that conservatives all too often do.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that – but what about covering the incumbent administration in such a way that an inaccurate story is presented and sometimes advanced, while the average person remains ignorant of the more significant story.

Paul Krugman, the award-winning economist and writer for The New York Times has seen this to be a strong enough reason for concern – citing the recurring stories about inflation that the media has been running with. All too often, the average person seems to be doing well and fairly optimistic about their own situation, while they might reiterate fears they heard about the economy – and under that impression, they completely lose out on facts like job creation numbers actually climbed.

The last week has generally been good for Democrats and their policies and a few journalists have actually conceded that this is the case, but considerable damage has already been done. The same has been true with inflation and gas prices, which just left the news after they ceased to be a story – rather than report on how rapidly gas prices have fallen in the last two months – an unparalleled speed at any time in history.

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