“You sold your country out” – sentencing judge rips Michael Flynn to pieces

After a lengthy court hearing today, Judge Emmet Sullivan offered Michael Flynn the opportunity to further delay his sentencing on the chance that his ongoing cooperation might result in a more lenient sentence, and Flynn took him up on it. But the story ended up being what Flynn and the judge said to each other before agreeing to the delay. Flynn admitted that he knowingly lied to the FBI – and then the judge basically called Flynn a traitor.

The remarkable fireworks came in part thanks to Michael Flynn’s decision to falsely accuse the FBI of having treated him maliciously. Flynn seemed to think the judge might be tempted to send him to prison even after Robert Mueller recommended no prison time, and Flynn was right. But the judge had no interest in Flynn’s attacks on the FBI, and instead forced Flynn to admit in court that the FBI hadn’t done anything wrong. Then came the historic fireworks.

The judge asked Mueller’s team if Flynn would have been charged in yesteday’s indictments involving Turkey if he hadn’t cut a deal. The answer was yes. The hudge then said to Flynn, “you arguably sold your country out!” The judge then asked Mueller’s team if treason charges could have been applied to Flynn.


This led to a recess, and afterward, the judge made clear that he wasn’t accusing Michael Flynn of treason, he was just asking the question. Nonetheless, that word is now in the public dialogue. We’ll see what happens to Flynn when he’s sentenced later. But the real story is that Donald Trump’s top guy Flynn sold out America – and if Trump knew about it, he’s guilty of whatever Flynn is guilty of.

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