Yes, the 2016 election was rigged – and we’re getting closer to proving it

Days after the 2016 election, Palmer Report made the mathematical argument that the election results in four states – Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – had rather obviously been rigged. It wasn’t that Donald Trump won; it was how he won. I acknowledged that I had no evidence of who altered the results, or how they did it, but the math alone demonstrated that the results were essentially not organically possible. At the time, pundits on the left and right responded by calling me a “conspiracy theorist” and worse. But a funny thing is now happening.

In the 2018 midterm elections we’ve seen various attempts at rigging the results. For instance, Brian Kemp and Kris Kobach each rigged things on their own behalf (through suppression and other tactics); only Kemp was successful. In addition, the North Dakota GOP tried to rig the vote against Native Americans, and well, Florida turned out to be Florida. But in each of these instances, we’ve seen the mainstream media acknowledge that attempts were made at rigging the results.

Interestingly, these same mainstream media outlets are largely still refusing to even allow for the possibility that the 2016 election was rigged in Donald Trump’s favor, and that he didn’t actually win. They talk openly about Trump-Russia collusion, but never acknowledge the logical result of that collusion. They’ll have to explain someday why they’ve spent the past two years ignoring the obvious, even while floating implausible theories about how Trump somehow magically won those four states. The thing is, we’re getting very close to learning from Robert Mueller just how Trump and Russia altered the the 2016 election result. In fact we already have a big piece of it from the Senate.

Earlier this year the Senate Intelligence Committee quietly issued a bipartisan statement confirming that Russian hackers gained access to the voter registration databases in key states ahead of election day, and that the hackers specifically had the ability to delete existing voter registrations. All they had to do was delete the entries for a fraction of Democrats in each precinct, meaning they wouldn’t be able to vote when they showed up. Even provisional ballots wouldn’t end up counting, because they weren’t in the registration database.

We’re getting close to the answer. Earlier this year New York Magazine reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was specifically investigating vote rigging in at least some of the suspicious swing states in question. We expect he’ll expose what the Senate has already hinted at: that the Russian hackers deleted targeted registrations, thus effectively rigging the vote totals before voting even began.

Mueller will expose that not only did Donald Trump not really win the 2016 election, he and his campaign committed a form of treason by conspiring with the Russians to rig the results. The mainstream media surely knows by now that this is coming. It’s not clear why they’re still declining to acknowledge it. Perhaps they feel they’re in too deep, after having spent the past two years refusing to even acknowledge the possibility, and floating so many silly narratives about “economic anxiety” instead. In any case, Trump was never elected president – period – and history will end up writing as much. If only the pundits hadn’t tried to shout me down two years ago.