Donald Trump reduced to writing pathetic letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“President” Donald Trump is someone who brags about his negotiation skills and how smart he is. Yet, today, instead of sitting down with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, he wrote her a letter. Yes, the tough guy who likes to posture, and was glad to own the shutdown ,is what most bullies are – a coward. His letter includes the following:

I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with Congressional leadership at the White House this Wednesday to discuss the border security crisis….

During the meeting, there was debate over the nature and extent of this crisis and its impact on Americans.  It had been my hope that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen would have the opportunity to deliver a presentation discussing the facts about the depth and severity of the humanitarian crisis and the security crisis….

The Southern Border is a very dangerous place—in fact, Border Patrol agents routinely encounter some of the most dangerous criminals, cartels, and traffickers anywhere in the world.

Effective border security must dramatically reduce the entry of illegal immigrants, criminals, and drugs; it must keep out terrorists, public safety threats, and those otherwise inadmissible under U.S. law….

As the enclosed presentation makes clear, current funding levels, resources, and authorities are woefully inadequate to meet the scope of the problem.  We are no longer in a status quo situation at the Southern Border but in a crisis situation. 

Illegal immigration is NOT progressive—by every measure, it is unfair, unjust, uncompassionate, and cruel.  Many people are killed….

Absolutely critical to border security and national security is a wall or a physical barrier.…That’s why rich, powerful, and successful people build them around their homes. 

A quick reading identifies many of Trump's favorite cliched nonsense lines, such as “many people are killed" or that we are in a “crisis situation.” Finally, let's remember that one of his first acts of commuting was a lady who was part of a group that helped transport tons of the very drugs the slides mention have increased. Read the slides, they do not provide any reasons to justify his wall.