Wow is Donald Trump ever stupid

Donald Trump, ever the narcissistic sociopath, won’t shed a single tear for a single victim of the coronavirus. But because the crisis is threatening his already-weak reelection odds, he’s being forced to go through the motions. Yesterday he held a televised meeting about the coronavirus, which he and his handlers seemed to think would make him look like a solid leader.

Instead, Trump used the meeting as an opportunity to come across as being even more ignorant and stupid than usual. At one point he admitted that he had no idea anyone ever dies from the flu. Then he asked if the flu vaccine would help protect people from the coronavirus. There are plenty of people out there who have as little understanding of viruses as Trump does. The difference is that he’s been President of the United States for three years, and he still hasn’t learned any of this.

We keep joking that Trump is going to try to solve the coronavirus by building a wall around it – but based on what he’s saying, we can’t be sure he won’t suggest building a wall around it. The CDC, which Trump is in charge of, says on its website that more than a hundred thousand Americans have died from complications from the flu since Trump took office. But until yesterday, Trump didn’t even know such a thing was possible.

Yes, Donald Trump often dumbs things down in the name of pandering to his most braindead and brainwashed supporters, who think ignorance is a virtue, and who crave the simplistic magical solutions he serves up. But this doesn’t feel like one of those times. Trump is fighting for what little is left of his presidency as the nation starts to fear dropping dead, and for once, he has to sound like he’s at least semi-competent. And yet this was the best he could come up with.

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