The Michael Flynn thing is about to get even worse for Donald Trump

Earlier this evening, court filings revealed that Donald Trump’s underlings pressured Michael Flynn not to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which is a felony โ€“ and one of Trump’s personal lawyers was dumb enough to do it in a voicemail, which Flynn then gave to Mueller. This was obviously done at Trump’s instruction, making the voicemail a smoking gun when it comes to obstruction of justice. Now things just got even worse for Trump.

After the above bombshell was revealed in court filings, the judge in the case ordered that a transcript of the voicemail be publicly released within the next two weeks โ€“ along with transcripts of all of Flynn’s conversations with Russia, according to NBC News. This latter part is crucial, because it confirms what has long been suspected: Mueller and the Feds have recordings of Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian Ambassador, which were criminal in nature.

Even as Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General William Barr continues to try to suppress the aspects of the Mueller report that are the most damaging for Trump, this serves as a reminder that there are various other ways in which the redacted portions of the Mueller report are going to come to the surface โ€“ including in ways that Trump and Barr have no ability to stop.

In any case, it’s now more clear than ever that there are tapes that expose Donald Trump’s crimes in ugly fashion. The Flynn-Russia recordings are going to prove that Trump had his transition team criminally conspiring with the Kremlin before he took office in violation of the Logan Act, and the voicemail is going to prove that Trump committed obstruction of justice. These recordings will play a central role in the increasingly inevitable impeachment process.

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