Donald Trump is completely worn down and out of it

– Donald Trump sounded worn down, out of it, almost despondent while mutedly reading his rally speech today. That’s not just Palmer Report’s observation. After Trump finished speaking, MSNBC commentators twice referred to Trump’s speech as “subdued.” Is his health collapsing that badly due to all these rallies while he’s still trying to get over coronavirus, or is it just finally hitting him that he’s on track to lose in a few days?

– Joe Biden on Donald Trump: “What in the hell is wrong with this man?”

– President Obama on Donald Trump: “Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid?” Fox News aired Obama’s speech again today. Trump is going to completely melt down.

– I’ve come to believe that most of Trump’s supporters will disappear not long after he loses. Some of them will try to be very loud about it on their way out. But then, as bullies always do once they realize they’ve lost their leverage, most of them will run and hide like cowards.


– For Halloween I’m going as a voter. Nothing scares Donald Trump more.

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