Witnesses already lining up for Donald Trump’s grand jury indictment

When the news broke that the Manhattan District Attorney is empaneling a grand jury for the next six months for the purpose of bringing indictments in the long-running criminal case against Donald Trump and his associates, it generated two responses: 1) Finally! 2) Wait, is it really going to take six months?

Yesterday Palmer Report explained why there is every reason to expect that it won’t take six months for Trump to be indicted, and that instead there is every reason to expect the grand jury to move as quickly as possible.

Now CNN is reporting that the Manhattan DA’s office is already telling witnesses that they need to get ready to testify to the grand jury. It’s not clear if this initial testimony will be against Trump himself, or merely against someone like Allen Weisselberg. There is good reason to expect that prosecutors may move to indict Weisselberg almost immediately, in order to pressure him into flipping on Donald Trump and the Trump family.

In any case, it’s clear that the grand jury indictment process is now underway. These things do take time. But keep in mind that this Manhattan DA criminal case has been ongoing since roughly November of 2019, meaning it’s already in place. This is merely the stage where the evidence is presented for indictment. We’re in the endgame now.

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