Witness for the defense

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When somebody goes on trial, it is not uncommon for this somebody to call their own witnesses. Some of these witnesses have nothing to do with alleged crimes that took place. No, these particular witnesses are there to do something else — vouch for what great people the ones on trial are! Character witnesses.

Character witnesses! They go with criminal defendants the way bacon goes with eggs, the way popcorn goes with movies, you get the picture. And that’s the question when it comes to Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump has no character witnesses. Not a one.

Who would he possibly call to the stand to remark on what a great, kind, compassionate person he is? Many of the people that Trump would generally call as character witnesses have themselves been indicted. So he would have to look to other avenues in finding quality people to talk about what a quality guy he is!

Perhaps he would choose to call Lindsey Graham. Graham has not been indicted although that doesn’t mean he won’t be. Or he could call family members but that really would not carry much weight with the jury.

The fact is Donald Trump not only has no friends, he has no close acquaintances either — not anybody with a smidgen of respectability.

He doesn’t have anybody with a halfway decent reputation who could approach that witness stand and speak out with stirring emotion in their voice about what a great guy the orange traitor is.

Not that Trump necessarily has to call character witnesses. But many choose to do this to show they at least have somebody on their side, people who can attest to their good name. Who does Donald Trump have on his side who he could call to the witness stand? I suppose there’s always George Santos.

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