Here’s the impeachment witness who’s going to finish Donald Trump off

Thus far we’ve seen a number of State Department and Defense Department officials courageously come forward to testify about Donald Trump’s crimes to the House impeachment inquiry. Trump has tried to paint them all as being bureaucrats and/or deep state types who have a partisan axe to grind against him. This isn’t true, but that’s never stopped Trump before. Now, however, he’s facing a witness that he’ll have a heck of a time trying to figure out how to smear.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman is set to testify tomorrow to the House impeachment inquiry that he personally heard Donald Trump’s Ukraine call, and that what Trump said on that call was inappropriate. Vindman is also planning to testify about the fateful meeting between John Bolton, Gordon Sondland, and Ukrainian representatives. This is crucial for a few reasons.

First, Lt. Colonel Vindman currently works for the White House, and he’s defying Donald Turmp’s order not to testify, which is a big deal. Second, Vindman is the kind of first-hand witness who can spell out precisely what Trump said and did wrong. Third, Vindman is a decorated military officer – and that’ll make it extraordinarily difficult for Trump and his GOP allies to figure out how to smear the guy and make it stick.

This is the impeachment witness who is going to finish Donald Trump off. His testimony tomorrow will be devastating. But just wait til the House begins holding its public hearings in a couple weeks, and Lt. Colonel Vindman is invited back to testify about Trump’s crimes while an audience of millions tunes in.

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