Donald Trump completely wigs out as it all falls apart for him

Poll numbers only matter if we actually turn out and vote – but Donald Trump’s poll numbers keep getting worse and are now historically bad. Earlier today, Trump got wind of how badly he’s losing in the latest ABC News poll and had a bitter meltdown about it on Twitter. But now his babysitters seem to have fed him some cheerier numbers to get him to stop crying.

Trump posted this tweet this evening: “Record 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. 53% Approval Rating Overall. Record 56% “Better Off Now” than 4 Years Ago (Gallup) during the Obama/Sleepy Joe Biden Administration, even as we round the turn on the China Plague. Thank you. Next year will be the BEST EVER!!!”

Here’s the thing: none of this is real. Trump keeps insisting he has a 96% approval rating within the Republican Party but he’s never cited an actual poll; real polls suggest the number is far lower. He clearly doesn’t have a 53% overall approval rating either. And while the Gallup number he’s quoting is true, that same Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans still disapprove of Trump.

Donald Trump is desperately clinging to any imaginary semblance of good news he can get his hands on. If he wanted to improve his actual poll numbers instead of making up fake ones, he might want to stop using racial slurs like “China Plague” and start finally taking the coronavirus seriously – but we all know he won’t do that.

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