Now we know why Donald Trump has been more berserk than usual this week

Even within the context of the sheer utter freak show strangeness of Donald Trump and his illegitimate presidency, his behavior thus far this week has been markedly more strange than usual. It started with his uncharacteristic silence on Twitter from Saturday afternoon through Monday night, and culminated with his all caps meltdown on Tuesday morning. Palmer Report pointed out that something had to be jarringly wrong behind the scenes. Sure enough, now we’ve finally learned why.

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks abruptly announced her resignation today, which all but confirms what Palmer Report logically concluded yesterday based on the day’s events: she’s cutting a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to avoid prosecution for obstruction of justice. Trump knew this was coming, too, when he had his puppets on the House Intel Committee haul Hicks in yesterday to try to pry about it. Her silence meant that she was indeed flipping. But hours before that, Trump knew this was going to end badly for him.

It’s why we saw him frantically screaming “WITCH HUNT” and “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION” in all caps just before Hope Hicks walked into those congressional hearings. Although his gut is routinely proven wrong about so many things, for once he was right that he needed to panic and try to deflect from what was coming. So not only has he lost his most closely-relied-upon adviser at a crucial and vulnerable time for him, he has to worry that she’s going to help take him down on criminal charges.

It was bad enough for Donald Trump that he’s had the Jared Kushner security clearance saga playing out over the past few days. But it seems like Trump is getting what he wants out that scenario. He’s been trying to nudge his son-in-law toward the door for quite some time, and was no longer relying on him for advice anyway. In contrast, Trump suddenly losing his close adviser Hope Hicks to the opposite team is nothing short of a bodyblow for him. No wonder he’s been more berserk than usual these past few days.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report