Whiter shade of pale

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I have been wanting to write about this subject for so long. The GOP — and their love of the pale. Allow me to elaborate. The GOP puzzles over why they can no longer win elections. And one of those reasons is their thin-veiled racism. In fact, it’s a lot of reason.

The GOP has been unable to condemn the racism of noted antisemitic people. Even the (few) who DID condemn it did it tepidly, barely able to voice dissent lest their rule-in-chief hear about it and mock them. The racism of the GOP was omnipresent in the 2022 midterms. Let’s take a look at that.

They ran Herschel Walker. They naively thought Georgians would vote for him simply because he is a minority. It really shows their ignorance about just how they view minorities.

Some republicans, in campaign commercials, reportedly darkened the skin of candidates like Val Demings and Mandela Barnes. See, their whole thing is — Black person bad. And there were racist undertones in many of the ads. For example, let’s look at one ad against Mandela Barnes. It showed an image of him with “the squad.”

Now you are likely aware that all the women of “the squad” — AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are women of color. Underneath the image were the words: “Mandela Barnes, different.” Then the word changed and became “Mandela Barnes, dangerous.”

Over and over, month after month, we see republicans playing the race card. It’s insulting, evil, and ignorant. The GOP also showed their contempt for women. And they showed their contempt for the LGBTQ community.

So, to bring it home — the GOP keeps losing because they are aligned with one group and one group only. White Christian men. Men with pale skin tones — a whiter shade of pale — the whitest shade of pale.

The GOP insults the intelligence of their voters time after time after time. They showed it in the midterms. They showed it in the Georgia special election. They continue to show it in their inability to denounce people like Kanye West, Donald Trump, and Nick Fuentes. If the GOP wants to court minority votes, they need to understand minorities. If the GOP wants to court females, they need to understand them. But they do not.

Look to Samuel Alito to see the type of voter Republicans understand. Look toward the white Christian man to understand who republicans identify with. They are a small tent party with rapidly dwindling returns because they simply do not care about their own voters — and that is the reason for their continued losses.

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