Whether Senate Republicans convict Trump or not, the impeachment trial is a win for us and a loss for them

Most republican senators want Trump gone from the party forever. They just don’t want to have to be the ones to do it. They know prosecutors will put Trump in prison long before 2024, so they’re not going to bother convicting him themselves unless the storyline gets really ugly before the start of the impeachment trial. These miserable cowards should all resign – but they won’t.

I really don’t care how republican senators vote on impeachment. Either they convict him, or they hand us the ability to use their acquittal against them in 2022 and 2024. I’m not going to tolerate the “all hope is lost” routine from my fellow liberals if Trump’s not convicted.


And at the risk of stating the obvious, Trump will be Twitter-less, bankrupt, and in prison by the time of the 2024 election. The notion that he’s somehow magically going to be a contender if he’s not convicted in his impeachment trial? That’s silly.

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