Where do I begin?

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If anyone can explain why CNN allowed the biggest liar known to man have a town hall on its network, can you clue the rest of us in? Surely, they knew what they were getting. The man cannot tell the truth if it’s staring him in the face. He’s crude, classless, and just downright mean and wasted no time insulting his host. Allowing Donald Trump to appear on CNN is like holding your hand over a flame to see how long it takes to burn-it’s stupid. CNN is, of course, defending its idiotic decision. An unnamed spokesperson said: “That is CNN’s role and responsibility: to get answers and hold the powerful to account.” They did neither. Answers-at least factual answers-are foreign to Donald Trump, and CNN knew that long before this shitshow even began.

Television news veteran Mark Lukasiewicz tweeted: “The predictably disastrous [CNN] town hall was indeed disastrous. Proving again: Live lying works. A friendly MAGA crowd consistently laughs, claps at Trump’s punch lines – including re sex assault and Jan 6 – and the moderator cannot begin to keep up with the AR-15 pace of lies.” He is correct on all levels. CNN did, however, fact-check Trump after the fact, not that anyone ever believes he is telling the truth about anything. Some of his worst lies are outlined here.

Trump laid blame for the violence on January 6 at the feet of Nancy Pelosi, whom he claimed was “in charge” of security. No, that’s not the speaker’s role, you big dummy. This lie is contradicted by Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who said he never received an order from Trump to have troops ready to send to the Capitol, indicating who was responsible for security. Further, Mark Meadows claimed in an email that the National Guard would be present on January 6 to “protect pro Trump people.” What was needed was protection from pro Trump people.

Making matters worse, Trump claimed that “a couple” of the insurrectionists “probably got out of control.” Hundreds have been charged in the riot. That’s way more than “a couple,” and we all know for a fact that Trump sat and gleefully watched things unfold that day, yet he now fixes his mouth to say it was only “a couple of people.” He also called Lt. Michael Byrd, the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt a “thug” and that he “went on television to brag about the fact that he killed her.” Nonsense. Byrd defended the Capitol that day; Babbitt was the thug.


These sorts of lies, however, play right into the hands of MAGA followers. Some Republicans, however, are not so nice. According to the Hill, Senator Todd Young (R-IN) said that he cannot support Trump’s reelection bid. He called out his lies, and when asked by reporters why he would not endorse Trump, Young said: “Where do I begin?” The only people who support this liar are the ones who love the chaos that follows him everywhere. They cannot even honestly say that he speaks his mind unless his mind is one big lie.

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