“When hell freezes over”

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“When hell freezes over!” I’ll get to the person who made this proclamation in a minute. But first, allow me, if you will to share with you whom I have a bone to pick with. It’s the Republicans who proudly pose as “middle-of-the-road” politicians. Oh yes, you’ve seen them, I’m sure. Romney. Collins. They’re always around, like irritating ants, scuttling about talking with fake artifice about “working across the aisle.”

Susan Collins screeches on an almost weekly basis. Her brow furrowed in fake concern, her tone filled with the righteousness of phonies everywhere Susan Collins proclaims to be one of US. It is because of Susan Collins, at least partially, that we got stuck with Justices such as Brett Kavanaugh.

Never let it be said that Susan Collins is not well acquainted with stepping up to dash peoples’ hopes again and again. And then there’s Romney. Romney, who I’m surprised has not announced a presidential run, is also a phony. The man has a unique habit of saying foolish things, as his binders full of women could undoubtedly attest to.

“When hell freezes over” is what Romney said when asked if he’d let a temporary replacement be seated on the judiciary committee while Dianne Feinstein is recovering from Shingles. And Shingles is a nasty thing to recover from. I know because several people close to me have had it.

Romney SHOULD have graciously wished Feinstein a healthy recovery and said he’d have no problem with a temporary replacement. Instead, Romney chose to show his true colors. “They’d like Republicans to help them speed the appointment of more liberal justices? Yes — WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!”

What an IDIOTIC thing to say. The guy sounded almost gleeful. And I’m sure Feinstein really appreciated these clueless remarks. Way to go, Romney! Thanks for once again bailing when people need your help.

And then there’s Collins, queen of waffling, content on her imaginary thrown of fake concern, bejeweled with bullshit from here to Sunday. When asked the same question, Collins proceeded to blame Democrats for Feinstein being ill.

“She’s a friend of mine,” a concerned Collins said concernedly. “During the past two years, there has been a concerted campaign to force her off the judiciary committee. And I think that’s wrong, and I won’t be a part of that,” The concerned phony ended, brow still furrowed.

These two politicians, Romney and Collins, should resign and set up a business called “As far as I’m concerned.”

There they could woefully wring their hands while talking about their concerns that they do nothing about. I can’t stand these two; their statements regarding Feinstein should leave no doubts about their characters. And when Republicans need a favor from us? I will happily use Romney’s words. “When hell freezes over.”

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