What was Donald Trump even thinking?

This past Sunday was several things. The 54th Super Bowl occurred, it was Groundhog Day, and it was also a day Donald Trump attempted to hide his entire lifetime of racism by airing a thirty second ad. While most people easily saw through the lies, Trump decided it would benefit him the most by retweeting those who tweeted the video of his lie.

Sure, Trump was mentioned by name in the commercial, and yes he signed off on the criminal reform bill that he has promoted since it became law. But he continues to ignore the fact that it was only due to a bipartisan bill, written and agreed to by both the House and Senate, that allowed the bill to get to his desk. Trump understands that minority groups realize he’s done nothing to advance their interests. Hell, sane white people know Trump has done nothing to advance their interests unless they’re extremely wealthy.

Trump’s Super Bowl commercial will likely do nothing to help his support among minorities, but he understands such efforts are the only things he can do to increase his chances leading up to the 2020 election.

Obviously Trump’s core support is made up by uneducated white voters. The previous few years have proved that it’s a challenge for Trump to increase his overall support outside of that base. As we step into the presidential primary season, we will see how the country views Trump’s opponents. But it’s also necessary to properly view their opponent, who has spent the previous three years destroying our nation, to determine who best can beat him.

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