What President Biden is really doing with Mohammed bin Salman

The White House released a sealed report Friday on the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, confirming what we all already knew: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was behind the murder.

Because fringe leftists are already getting bored with the good guys being in charge of the United States and they’re ready to start dishonestly attacking the good guys, they’ve spent the past day criticizing President Joe Biden for letting Mohammed bin Salman “get away with it.” No really, this sentiment exists, and it’s disturbingly widespread across the social media. The sentiment is, needless to say, myopic at best.

First of all, no one outside Joe Biden’s inner circle has any idea what strategy Biden is planning when it comes to MBS. The White House only released this report on this date because Congress required it to. But a strategy for something as complex as punishing and/or ousting the Crown Prince of a troubled American ally isn’t something that happens overnight. The notion that Biden has let MBS “get away with it” because he hasn’t taken action yet? That’s frankly idiotic.

As usual, the folks ringing this bell have no actual solutions to offer when it comes to what President Biden should supposedly have done by now in response, beyond simplistic magic wand nonsense. What do they want Biden to do, send the U.S. military to invade Saudi Arabia and kidnap MBS? These are the same fringe leftists who earlier this week criticized Biden because he blew up an empty ammo dump in Syria in order to get a terror cell to cool its jets.

The reality is that any realistic strategy for removing or neutering Mohammed bin Salman is going to have to be a complex one, because the variables are incredibly tricky. If such a strategy is rushed for the sake of appeasing the fringe left foot stompers, it could backfire and result in negative outcomes ranging from MBS instantly becoming King, to extremist terrorists overthrowing the Saudi government.


Meanwhile back in the real world, based on everything we’ve ever known about Joe Biden, he has no intention whatsoever of simply letting Mohammed bin Salman “get away with it.” It’s just that sophisticated solutions to complex and tricky situations never involve magic wands or foot stomping, and very rarely involve instant gratification. Put another way: wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall during Biden’s phone call this week with Saudi King Salman?

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