What Mitch McConnell is really up to with Trump’s impeachment

Mitch McConnell’s thinking on impeachment seems pretty clear. He’d prefer to get Trump off the stage for good. But he’ll only vote to convict if he can get 16 other Senate Republicans to join him. He won’t vote to convict if it’s a losing cause. So for now he’s verbally playing both sides, since he doesn’t know which one he’ll end up having to land on.

With McConnell, it’s never ever about whether he’ll do the right or wrong thing. Those concepts don’t exist in his mind. He’s only interested in the selfish thing to get ahead. But he’s not just twirling his mustache. He always has a strategy, and it helps to decipher it.

For once, McConnell wants what we want. He sees Trump as a threat to the republican party’s chances of ever being viable again. So under the right circumstances, McConnell will vote to convict. And while he deserves no points for this, we’ll take the help if it comes.

Half of you are already preparing to reply with “I don’t trust McConnell.” That’s because you’re not thinking like he thinks. Of course you can’t trust him to do the right thing for its own sake. But you can always trust him to do the selfish thing that he thinks is best for him. Whether the selfish thing happens to be the right thing or the wrong thing, he doesn’t care.

Once in a blue moon, the right thing that Democrats want to do, and the selfish self-interested thing that certain Republicans want to do, just happen to align. That’s where those rare misunderstood flashes of “bipartisanship” come from.


If McConnell can’t get 16 other republicans to go along with him, then in his mind he’d be a fool to vote to convict in a losing cause. It would give the appearance that he’s lost control of his own caucus, and further weaken his influence. That’s how he thinks.

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