When Donald Trump called in to the Sean Hannity show on Thursday night, he kept coughing and wheezing, a reminder that he’s still sick with coronavirus. Trump’s last public “appearance” was in a video whose outdoor background seemed so mismatched, even the New York Times thinks it was probably a fake video backdrop.

This suggests that Trump wanted to post an outdoor video as proof that he’s capable of walking across the lawn, but he was too weak to pull it off, so he filmed it inside the building and then his people added the fake outdoor background. And he seemed to be wearing a different shade of orange makeup on the top half of his face than on the bottom half of his face, suggesting that.. well, who even knows at this point?

So the President of the United States is going to great lengths to try to cover up just how ill and weak he is, even as the Vice President โ€“ sporting the coronavirus symptom of pink eye โ€“ abruptly canceled his campaign events and went home for reasons he wasn’t willing to state.


Meanwhile Attorney General Bill Barr seems to be completely AWOL after having been exposed to coronavirus, Chris Christie has gone silent since he went into the hospital with coronavirus, Rudy Giuliani was last seen coughing up a lung on Fox News, and Ivanka Trump has disappeared. It’s as if they’re all sick, and they’re going out of their way to make sure we know as little as possible about it. This all just keeps getting more bizarre. What is even going on?

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