What happened to Donald Trump?

As “Election Day” now drags into its third day, Joe Biden has remained fairly quiet and measured. This isn’t surprising; during his two public appearances and handful tweets, he’s made clear that right now this is about the voters.

But what about Donald Trump? Aside from his poorly received TV appearance at 2:30am on election night, and a few tweets falsely declaring victory that Twitter has since plastered over, he’s been MIA. Trump hasn’t been seen or heard in public for thirty hours. He hasn’t tweeted in thirteen hours. He let Eric Trump of all people handle his voter conspiracy theory press conference.


Donald Trump has now pretty much vanished. This is the opposite of the approach that he usually takes when things aren’t going his way, which is to get out there and scream around and generate controversy and create a distraction. But perhaps even Trump senses that he can’t simply distract people from the fact that he’s on a path to losing. We’ll see.

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