What Donald Trump just doesn’t get

Even though his campaign commercials seem to imply that a Biden presidency would mean a descent into anarchy (while using footage of America under Trump’s presidency), Donald Trump doesn’t think that would be the worst thing about him losing to Joe Biden in November, and he gave as much away on Twitter: “Is this what you want for your President???” Trump tweeted, along with an edited video of Biden with campaign staff. “With no ratings, media will go down along with our great USA!”

This demonstrates just about everything wrong with Donald Trump as a president – that however bad things get, it only matters if the president is somehow driving the news cycle – as though ratings are worth more than human lives and the only thing that guides the day-to-day decisions he makes, and that the media should somehow echo his sentiments along with the supposedly high levels of support he has throughout the country.

In making this statement, he probably makes the best case for Joe Biden – that we’ll no longer have to obsess over the news cycle and the potential consequences of everything that comes with a president who doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing, or doomsday scenarios of what might happen if the president recklessly continues to break the law.

In fact, we’re already seeing the contrast now – as most of the media stories about Joe Biden talk about his policy proposals and how the Democrats will be able to build a coalition to pull them off, while Trump stories tend to be about how he’s managed to dig the hole deeper yet again, and largely because he’s a narcissist who refuses to let things go or take responsibility. We have the potential to make a number of policies on jobs, housing and healthcare come true if we turn out in significant numbers to vote blue on November 3.

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