What does Tom Cotton think he’s even doing with this?

Clio (also spelled Kleio) is, in Greek Mythology, the Muse of History. She is known to be very wise. A statue of her stands in the United States Capitol. Perhaps as our Representatives pass before her, some grow just a little bit wiser about history. It’s a nice thought.

Take Senator Tom Cotton, not always known to be the smartest peg on the board. Cotton, however, admitted something about history — and it is getting much attention.

This all has to do with a little thing called inflation. President Biden has been taking a great deal of heat for the supply-chain issues. But Cotton has penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, and in said op-ed, he put the blame squarely on Jerome Powell. Who is Powell? He is the head of the Federal reserve — selected by one Donald Trump. Uh-oh.

Now it is important to note that Cotton does not come out and say, “I blame Donald Trump.” But he does not precisely blame Biden either. So what to make of this? Perhaps Cotton is setting up a run for the big prize in 2024. Maybe this is just an issue about which he feels very passionate.


In any event, it is hardly going to make assolini happy since his favorite thing to do is blame our President for everything from stolen elections to the fact that it’s 1:15 in the afternoon. In all seriousness, we will see whether there is blow back for Cotton daring to blame someone other than Biden for anything.

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