What do these Republicans even think they’re doing?

President Biden said something in his speech this week that I’d like to speak about. He asked what exactly are the Republicans for? Good question. I would like to know the answer as well. As we enter into the midterm elections, we have a chance here.

That chance is to taste the glow of complete victory. It’s what we need. If we hold the House and keep the Senate while expanding our seats, there is nothing — NOTHING we can’t accomplish. To do that, I believe we must put the GOP and their non-ideas front and center.

The fact is the insurrection party HAS no ideas. They have a platform, alright — but there are no ideas sitting on this platform. Their platform is a big, shiny, gift-wrapped package of — nothing. Absolutely nothing.

They’re for nothing. They have no ideas or plans. What are their ideas for healthcare? For the economy? For containing Covid? Nothing, nothing, and nothing. Think about the California Governor’s race. Think of our we successfully put the GOP — and Larry Elder — on defense.

Elder spent the whole campaign reaffirming what WE already knew — that he is a fringe candidate who had virtually nothing to offer the great state of California.

We need to take that method and model of campaigning and unleash it on all the Republicans up for reelection. We need to do this to Ron Johnson — to Marco Rubio — to Ron DeSantis — to all of them.

We must stay on offense and not waver. Nobody will vote for a party that has no ideas to bring to the table. Nobody wants a party who offers only desolation and is devoid of anything that could possibly help the American people.

Any ideas the GOP ever had — have vanished. All that is left is a bare and empty cupboard. We need to show the emptiness of the cupboard to every voter in the country. And then we can claim victory as our own.

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