We’re going to get this done

Have you ever danced in the rain? I have, and it is something I recommend. It can be exhilarating. So can the after-effects of many a rainstorm. That is when occasionally, a dazzling rainbow will make its appearance known.

As I wrote in another article — rainbows are special. They signify hope and good days ahead. And we shall have them. Folks, we did it! Biden is our President. His infrastructure bill passed and is now the law of the land. And part two of his build-back better plan has passed the House. We will get it through the Senate as well.

We will get other bills passed alright, and voter legislation will be one of them. We will get them passed because we have President Biden who doesn’t give up. He does not just throw up his hands and walk away. He gets the job done. He is working for a better, more prosperous nation.

Biden has been compared to “the little engine that could.” He could, and he does, and it’s inspiring. So, ignore the media — particularly over the weekend as some of the more gossipy pundits will do everything within their power to attempt to declare that the Democrats suck.


We don’t suck – we rock. We rock, President Biden rocks, VP Harris rocks, and we have a rocking agenda. So enjoy our victories, look for many more, and perhaps in the next few days, you’ll even spot an explosion of color as a new rainbow rises.

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