Well that just blew up in Sean Hannity’s face

What was Sean Hannity thinking? He’s trying to run a pro-Trump propaganda show, which means he’s got to make sure his guests are willing to fall in line, or can be steamrolled. But on Tuesday night, Hannity apparently didn’t do his homework before inviting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on his show.

Hannity asked Mark Cuban a loaded question about whether Joe Biden is fit for office. Cuban’s answer: “Hundred percent, absolutely, no question about it. Donald Trump doesn’t want to run a country, he wants to run a campaign. Joe Biden actually wants to run a country.”

In other words, a famous billionaire just made sure that everyone in Sean Hannity’s audience knows that he’s voting for Biden, and that he thinks Trump is a joke. It’s not as if this was some secret. Cuban announced a long time ago that he’s voting for Biden. How could Hannity have missed this when he decided to book Cuban for what was supposed to be a Biden-bashing segment? It completely blew up in his face.

Of course the other explanation would be that even Sean Hannity can read the tea leaves, and he’s afraid that Donald Trump’s collapsing popularity means that some of Hannity’s own audience is going to start to turn against Trump – so he’s hedging his bets by having an anti-Trump person like Mark Cuban on his show, to say the negative things about Trump that Hannity can’t say himself. Take your pick, but either way, the Hannity-Cuban thing was just weird.

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