Donald Trump goes off the rails, begins hurling weird insults at his own kids

Donald Trump’s daily “coronavirus crisis press briefings” are really just meandering monologues from a half senile crime boss who’s trying to delusionally convince himself that it’s not all slipping away from him. His numbers are down, his reelection bid is collapsing, and yet he’s so far gone from reality, he’s up there babbling completely incoherently.

Take today’s briefing, for instance. When he was asked a question about his own hotels and resorts needing a bailout, he launchd into a long story about his properties, before insisting that he’s not even running them anymore; his kids are. Then he said he’s pretty sure that his kids are running the properties more poorly than he ran them. Wait, what?

First of all, everyone knows that Donald Trump is only pretending not to be involved in his businesses. The guy is a criminal. But from a psychological perspective, the man is up there publicly belittling and taunting his own kids for supposedly being inferior businesspeople – and we all know he doesn’t mean it some kind of harmless way.

This is supposed to be a press briefing about a deadly pandemic that’s killed tens of thousands of Americans this month. Yet the President of the United States is up there hurling weird insults at his own family for no apparent reason, beyond the fact that he’s a deranged psychopath. Get this guy off the stage.

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