Donald and Melania Trump are in for a very ugly weekend

Just as the Stormy Daniels interview was airing on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, Melania Trump was remaining behind at Mar-a-Lago while Donald Trump was heading back to Washington DC alone. Her people floated the excuse that she was spending the week in Florida due to Barron’s spring break. If there was any doubt that this was an intentional snub on Melania’s part, that was erased when she had her friends feed a story to Us Magazine about how badly she wants to divorce Donald. Now it’s about to get uglier.

We already know from the Us Magazine profile that Melania Trump is keen on causing public humiliation for Donald Trump right now. You don’t have your friends plant quotes about you in the media like “She is very, very unhappy with her life” and “If she could, she would get away from Donald” unless you’re trying to make your husband’s life a living hell.

In that sense, the only good news for Donald this week on the Melania front is that she’s been a thousand miles away, and hasn’t been in position to snub him to his face. But that just changed, because Donald just arrived at Mar-a-Lago last night for Easter weekend. If he were smart, he’d have gotten in and out of there as quickly as possible, before Melania could find new not-so-subtle ways to show him up. Instead, he’s dumb enough to spend seventy-two hours there.

After the Stormy Daniels story first broke, we saw Melania Trump snubbing Donald Trump in ways ranging from zooming past him and refusing his embrace, to making a point of taking a separate car even if they were going from and to the same place. Now that Melania’s anger and frustration have escalated to the point that she’s planting magazine stories about how much she hates being with him, look for her in-person antics to be even more blatant this weekend.