Former U.S. intel official suggests Michael Flynn was wearing a wire

Back when Michael Flynn’s plea deal was first announced a year ago, one of the stranger details in the cooperation document was that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was requiring Flynn to agree to wear a wire if necessary. This made little sense; how could Flynn trick anyone in this manner, now that everyone knew he was cutting a plea deal? Now the language in his sentencing memo suggests that it may have in fact happened.

Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo stressed Michael Flynn’s willingness to cut a plea deal as soon Mueller approached him about it. Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and pointed out this could be interpreted as Flynn having cut the deal long before it was announced. In such case, Flynn could have indeed worn a wire, or agreed to have his phone calls tapped, as he reached out to people on Team Trump, and sought to get them to incriminate themselves.

Three days after the Michael Flynn deal was announced on December 1st of 2017, Palmer Report pointed to a number of circumstantial clues that suggested Flynn might have been negotiating the deal back in late July of 2017. If that were the case but Flynn broke it off, and ultimately didn’t cut the deal until December, Mueller certainly wouldn’t be praising him now for agreeing to cooperate so quickly.

So what if Michael Flynn did cut a plea deal with Robert Mueller back in July of 2017, and they kept it a secret until they finally announced it in December of 2017, so Flynn could go play double agent? By that time, Flynn was already out of the White House. But as we keep seeing, Donald Trump has always treated Flynn with such kid gloves, it wouldn’t be surprising if Flynn called him in late 2017 and Trump picked up the phone. So yeah, maybe Figliuzzi is right, and Flynn was wearing a wire.

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