Wait, what just happened to Donald Trump?

This is weird, and not by a small measure. I’ve learned not to ask what’s wrong with Donald Trump in the general sense, because the answer would take too long. But something new has gone wrong with Trump in the past two days, and while he might well resolve the matter by morning, it’s worth looking at what’s happening here. Or perhaps I should say that it’s worth looking at what isn’t happening.

Here’s what Trump tweeted today: nothing. Literally nothing. What did Trump tweet yesterday? Beyond one generic retweet that probably wasn’t even his, nothing. The man hasn’t tweeted any words of his own, or even words that we’re supposed to believe are his own, since Saturday afternoon. Now it’s past midnight on Monday, and the Great Orange Twitter Menace still has yet to inflict any new words on us. This happens so very rarely, and usually only under specific circumstances.

For the most part, the only time Trump goes quiet like this for a couple days in a row is when he’s facing major scandal. Keep in mind that Trump is so profoundly corrupt in so many ways, he has a new scandal every few minutes. Most of the time he merely barks at his scandals on Twitter, in the hope that the public will get tired of hearing about them and the media will move on. His rare quiet periods tend to align with his ultra-mega-scandals, the ones that are so dire, even his addled brain is able to recognize them as reasons to be briefly scared enough to shut up.

So the question is what’s going on behind the scenes right now. Why has Donald Trump suddenly gone quiet over these past few days, in a manner that typically only correlates with his very ugliest of scandals? Is one playing out behind the scenes as we speak? Are we looking at a major new imminent bombshell? Is there something new wrong with his health that’s preventing him from tweet-raging? Or did he merely drop his phone in the toilet? We’ll see if he’s up and ranting on Twitter by morning. If not, something is definitely off.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report