Wait, Lindsey Graham just said WHAT about Black people?

Lindsey Graham created a scandal for himself tonight when he refused to be tested for coronavirus tonight, resulting in the cancellation of his Senate debate with Jaime Harrison. Instead each candidate did separate interviews, and Graham ended up saying something that will be sure to create even more scandal for him.

During the interview tonight, Lindsey Graham said this: “I care about everybody. If you’re a young African American or an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state, you just need to be conservative not liberal.” Regardless of any context, these are words that should not becoming out of Graham’s mouth – particularly when you consider that his opponent is a fairly young African American.

Black voters can speak for themselves on election day. But we suspect most of them will find Lindsey Graham’s words to be disqualifying – and so will white voters who oppose racism. In any case, when politicians get desperate, they tend to screw up and accidentally say the quiet part out loud, and this is another reminder that Graham is increasingly desperate.

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