Unstable ground

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Although many in Maga world fancy themselves smart and clever, the reality is many of them are hopelessly native. They believe anything — or anyone — who has enough pretty words to throw out at them. Remember the snake poem. Remember how Trump, in his own way, wanted Maga to know what lay ahead for them?

They did not figure it out, though. That’s because Trump was speaking in riddles. That’s not uncommon. It is actually quite common for sociopaths and narcissists, many with the stamp of evil — to warn their marks of what is coming.

They do this for fun — for sport — for their own amusement. In subtle ways, the perpetrator of evil gives the marks one last chance to escape. Well — they didn’t escape after the snake bit them. I wonder if any of the January 6 insurrectionists even realized they had a choice.

And now Trump has done it again. He has issued a warning — of where he will take his followers and what will happen to them. Early on Sunday Morning, Trump posted a bizarre scrawl on TruthSocial. “Who is going to enter the Trump quicksand?” the message asked. “Many have tried,” it went on. “Leaving permanently damaged or never to be heard from again.”

Many in the media appeared nonplussed, trying to decode the meaning of such a seemingly bizarre post. It is not complicated. Some in the media thought he was talking of his enemies. I don’t think so. I think the meaning is much darker. When one sinks into quicksand, it is hard to fight gravity and get out. There is often no escape. The sand is agitated and can bury one.

I think — and you may not agree — this was yet another warning. Trump is the one sinking into quicksand. He knows it. The sand is burying him, which is why he is becoming increasingly deranged, much more so than ever before.

Entering the Trump quicksand could mean metaphorically that anyone who jumps in with him will lose themselves. And the people who have leaped into quicksand — including Lindsey Graham, Mike Lindell, and many more — have lost their souls.

Will Maga listen to the quicksand warning? I really doubt it. And I imagine many will even embrace the warning, eager to walk into the Trump quicksand with their leader no matter how deep they sink.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!