Donald Trump’s latest coronavirus stunt is unconscionable

Donald Trump is guilty of so many kinds of atrocities, it’s difficult to keep track of them all, let alone quantify them. The two common themes about his darkest of stunts is that they’re all about him, and that he doesn’t care who gets hurt or killed in the process.

The coronavirus crisis in the United States is entirely due to the dishonesty and negligence of Donald Trump. Legal experts are already saying he’s committed negligent homicide against the Americans who have died. Lately he’s been trying to drive the death toll higher in a general sense by urging the nation to reopen before it’s safe to do so. Now he’s pulling one specific stunt that should get him arrested on the spot.

Donald Trump has decided that he’s going to give the commencement address at the West Point graduation ceremony – in the middle of a pandemic. He’s aiming to force the graduates to travel from their homes back to the academy, just for an in-person graduation ceremony, just so he can give the speech. How risky is this? The New York Times says that waivers will need to be involved, because the military has already banned all personnel from travel.

This is sick beyond words. Donald Trump will be putting these kids’ lives at risk just so he can stroke his own ego. Regardless of whatever social distancing measures might be taken in a gathering this large, the coronavirus will spread among the cadets in attendance. Many will get sick, and statistically speaking, some will die. Trump is trying to pull this stunt with the military because it’s the one entity that can’t legally say no to him. After Trump loses the election, he needs to be placed on military trial for this stunt.

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