Donald Trump’s massive umbrella fail

We’ve all seen infamous images of Donald Trump hogging an umbrella all to himself while allowing his wife Melania to get rained on, and we’ve always assumed that it’s simply because he’s a prick. But thanks to an incident of a different kind, it turns out Trump may simply not understand how umbrellas work to begin with. No, really.

Donald Trump held an umbrella over his own head today while walking up the ramp to Air Force One. When he got to the top of the steps, he simply sat the umbrella down, still opened, and left it there to roll around in the wind. We know what you’re thinking, maybe he’s just too much of a jerk to bother closing his own umbrella. But we have a different theory: we don’t think he even knows how an umbrella closes. Watch the video for yourself and decide:

As you can see, the umbrella blew around in the wind for a good thirty seconds after Donald Trump abandoned it, prompting someone – apparently a Secret Service agent – to run up the stairs and retrieve it. That’s not their job. Even if Trump were just being lazy, he had no expectation that anyone was going to be behind him to promptly fetch it, and if his brain were functioning correctly, he would have had the expectation that it might have simply blown away. At best he’s a prick. We’re starting to think there’s so little left of his brain, he no longer even knows what he’s doing.