Things just took a particularly ugly turn for Donald Trump and Mike Pence

This week Donald Trump lost his 2020 census battle, lost his Secretary of Labor, and lost control over his long-simmering Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Making things worse for Trump, his concentration camp scandal is becoming more entrenched in the news headlines than ever. So Trump did what desperate cowards do: he sent someone else to do his dirty work for him.

Donald Trump sent bigoted devil-worshipper Mike Pence to tour one of his immigrant concentration camps. By all accounts, this was the camp where the conditions are the least horrid – and based on the video footage, it was clear that the specific rooms Pence toured were staged to look better than they are. Even with all that effort to put a good face on these mid-period Nazi style camps, the images were still disturbing.

The image of an emotionless Mike Pence standing next to cages crammed full of desperate people is one that will live on in infamy, long after we’re all gone. Pence seemed to quickly realize how horribly this was going for him, so he hopped on Twitter and began claiming that the video footage aired by CNN was somehow not accurate. It turns out that Pence is just as much of a coward as Trump when it comes to not wanting to take credit for the atrocities they’re both responsible for.


One big question coming out of today is whether Donald Trump sent Mike Pence to tour these horrid concentration camps with TV cameras in tow, so that the camps would become more of a Pence scandal than a Trump scandal. If that was Trump’s goal, then it may have succeeded. If Trump’s goal was to use Pence to somehow make the camps look good and make the scandal go away entirely, then Trump and Pence both failed.

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