Ugly new numbers for Ron DeSantis

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A new poll has come out, containing one major piece of news for governor Ron DeSantis: doom. That’s right. Apparently, the whole country is rejecting the politics of Governor Squeaky. If DeSantis is not worried, he should be. He should be distraught.

This is because the American people can’t stand his politics. Here are some findings from this Wall Street Journal poll. Here is the question that was asked: “Which of these concerns you more about schools today?

Respondents were given two possible answers.

Answer one — “Some schools may ban books and censor topics that are educationally important.”

Answer two — “Some schools may teach books and topics that some students or their parents feel are inappropriate or offensive.”

61% chose answer number one. Only 36% answered two.

See Ronny? Contrary to what you thought, this country is NOT for banning books. This is because most in this country are sane. Almost 60% of respondents said they have great faith in our school systems to do what’s right.

This shows us that Governor Squeaky’s war on education is not wanted. This shows us that the politics of Ron’s newly designed Florida are unwelcome in the rest of the country. “Eye-popping,” a democrat remarked on the poll results.

This same poll shows that things like having more babies and religion are on a downward spiral in importance to the American people. I can’t help but wonder if Samuel Alito has seen this poll. If he has, it might have ruined his day.

DeSantis and his warped politics ARE NOT WANTED. DeSantis IS NOT WANTED.. That is what this poll shows.

I don’t see how DeSantis can redo his splintering image. But I do know one thing. The American people are smart. They are more intelligent than DeSantis gives them credit for. In what world did Ronny think this country would applaud book bannings and racism? It sounds like DeSantis picked the wrong country.

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