Donald Trump is about to suffer an ugly blow at the hands of his own Department of Justice

It was a bizarre plan to begin with. Donald Trump was going to fight back against the fact that he’s being impeached, the fact that he’s plainly guilty in his Ukraine 2020 election rigging scandal, and the fact that the majority of Americans know he’s guilty, by having the Department of Justice falsely accuse the FBI of having falsely accused him in his Russia 2016 election rigging scandal.

No one ever quite understood how this was going to work. No one outside Donald Trump’s remaining base was going to believe that kind of convoluted nonsense, and most people weren’t going to care anyway. Why would anyone believe that Trump was framed for trying to rig the last election, when he just got caught red handed trying to rig the next election? In any case, it turns out Trump has become so weak, he can’t even manage to pull off his own lame-brained scheme.

Donald Trump’s own Department of Justice is about to announce that it’s found no evidence to support Trump’s claim that the FBI was “spying” on his 2016 campaign when it was investigating his campaign’s efforts to criminally conspire with the Russians to alter the outcome of the election. This news comes by way of the New York Times, more than a week before the DOJ report is scheduled to be publicly released.

This raises the question of why Donald Trump couldn’t get the DOJ to back him up on his deranged false claims. Perhaps Attorney General Bill Barr is getting nervous, and is unwilling to expose himself to further criminal culpability as the Trump administration unravels. Or maybe Barr knows that the people of the DOJ and the FBI would openly revolt against him if he parroted Trump’s lies about the FBI. This is worth watching, because Trump can’t even seem to get his own people to try to carry out his increasingly deranged and nonsensical schemes to save himself.

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