This might be Donald Trump’s ugliest poll number yet

Every few days we see yet another major polling outlet announce that roughly half of all Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office. That number has been holding steady for a couple weeks, but it has a chance to rise further if the public considers the televised impeachment hearings to be compelling enough. Now we’re seeing a poll number which suggests just how high that number could climb.

The new ABC News / IPSOS poll says that 51% of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed. Okay, nothing new there. But that same poll says that 70% of Americans think Trump was wrong for having tried to get Ukraine to smear Joe Biden. This means 19% of Americans are saying that Trump was wrong but shouldn’t be impeached and removed.

This is actually a worrisome thing for Donald Trump. If you’ve decided that you’re going to support Trump no matter what surfaces about him or how ugly it gets, you’re going to tell a pollster that you think he did nothing wrong in Ukraine, whether you believe that or not. The people telling a pollster that they think Trump was indeed in the wrong, but they don’t want him impeached, are people who are on the fence. They’re leaving the door open to be convinced that he should be impeached.

So this ABC News poll is telling us that as many as 70% of Americans could see themselves siding with impeachment and removal by the time the House hearings are over. If the pro-removal number does end up getting that high, Senate Republicans will have to seriously consider removing Donald Trump in a last ditch effort at selfishly preserving their own personal reelection prospects. This is just one poll, so the key will be to watch and see if other upcoming polls confirm that 70% of Americans think Trump did something wrong with Ukraine. But this is Trump’s ugliest poll number yet.

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