Twitter reinstates Palmer Report and apologizes

Early on Sunday morning, Twitter informed us that various users had reported our tweet in which we asserted that Donald Trump would spend the rest of his life in prison. In this same notice, Twitter informed us that our tweet was not in violation of any rules. However, an hour later, we received a second notice informing us that we had been suspended from using our official @PalmerReport account for a week because we had engaged in “targeted harassment” against Trump. This naturally set off some fireworks and confusion across the social network. Today, Twitter officially backed down and apologized to us.

Early this morning we wrote about the suspicious nature of our suspension, the conflicting notices we had received from Twitter regarding its policies, and how our suspension seemed to have been a direct attempt at subverting a federal judge’s recent ruling regarding Donald Trump’s behavior on Twitter. Accordingly, we posed ten questions for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Shortly after business hours began today, we received this email from Twitter:

You can decide for yourself whether you think Twitter decided to rectify this situation simply because it was in the wrong, or specifically because it didn’t want to have to answer our ten questions and explain why any of this happened.

This backdoor suspension – which left our account fully visible but left us unable to use it – created the false impression that we had chosen to stop tweeting. Our followers on Twitter were asking us if we had gone out of business or if something bad had happened to me, and there was no proper way for us to even respond to their concerns.

We don’t expect to ever get a satisfactory response as to what truly transpired here. However, we’re relieved that this disturbing matter appears to be at its conclusion, and we’re pleased that Twitter acknowledged in writing that it was in the wrong for having suspended us. We’re aware of other Trump critics who have been improperly suspended in the wake of the judge’s ruling that Donald Trump must unblock his critics, and we will continue fighting on behalf of those individuals. The notion that anyone can be silenced for “targeted harassment” without violating any Twitter policies – simply for tweeting something negative about the President of the United States – is a chilling one. Palmer Report is more committed than ever to exposing his criminal scandals and abuses.

Bill Palmer
Palmer Report