Twitter hides Donald Trump’s “the shooting starts” tweet from view, says it violates rules by glorifying violence

Late on Thursday night, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage that was arguably more violent than anything he’s ever tweeted. In response, Twitter decided to do something it’s never done before: it hid Trump’s tweet from the timeline, instead replacing it with a warning label explaining that the tweet violated rules for “glorifying violence.”

Donald Trump tweeted “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” while threatening to send in troops to have Minneapolis protesters shot. But that tweet is now missing, and instead it looks like this:

You can still click through to Trump’s tweet and read it if you want, but by default it’s not visible. In addition, Twitter has prevented any additional replies from being posted to Trump’s tweet, which it says is in the interest of preventing Trump’s tweet from “reaching more people” due to its inappropriate nature.

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