Donald Trump’s Twilight Zone

His inability to sing the National Anthem might have been a clue for some. For others, it might be his odd way of injecting Vladimir Putin into conversations, like a teenager trying to convince her parents that her boyfriend is A-OK. Maybe it is the seeming breakdown of our allied relationships, along lines that parallel those of Putin.

Or could it be every single intelligence agency has now publicly revealed that we have been the victims and continue to be the victims of a cyber war by Russia. Maybe it is the recent revelation that Trump was covertly alerted in 2016 that the Russians acted on direct order from Putin, to conduct cyber-warfare against the United States to interfere with the 2016 election and stack the results in favor of Trump. Maybe there just isn’t enough evidence to say that we have a traitor in the White House.

Shouts of “USA, USA” broke out yesterday in the House after a failure to pass new election security measures and on Fox News, yes, FOX NEWS, the US Secretary of State stated that he has great confidence in the fact that Russians will continue in 2018, 2020 and beyond, to interfere with Western Democracies. He spoke of the responsibility as leaders of the United States to do all we can do to deter Russian intervention. Yet, here we sit, with a Putin loving traitor in the Oval Office. Yesterday’s vote to increase election protections was voted down and Trump has extended an invitation to Putin to visit the White House.

This Twilight Zone episode of our current political lives still has Republican Support of Trumps performance at shocking levels considering the inconsistencies of the Pro-American feelings of much of his demographic. Stunningly, some Trump supporters are publicly thanking Russia for the 2016 victory, illustrating that some people will never wane on their support for Trump, as well as the fact that the reality show POTUS has somehow managed to shift much of the American mind-set towards Russia. Russia is no longer the bad guy is our sad new reality.

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