Turns out Samuel Alito is even worse than we thought

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It’s fascinating to watch a supreme Court justice lose their mind in real time. The witchcraft-phobic Alito gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal, where he proceeded to show the world he’s not as bad as we all thought — he’s a lot worse.

Complaining bitterly that anyone dares to question him, Alito bragged that he knew who the leaker was and that that person was liberal. He also let his contempt for all things woman show by making fun of the pronunciation of Mifepristone.

He whined that few stick up for the court anymore. He said attacks on the court’s character are unprecedented and that a Justice being blamed for the Roe leak infuriated him.

Alito also blamed the court’s unpopularity on mud-slinging. Alito, in his remarks, came off as offensive, arrogant and hateful. I would like to respond to his royal ignoramus. I will no longer refer to him as “Justice” Alito.

Dear Mr. Alito:

Respect is what you seek, as evidenced by your comments. But that has to be earned. It’s my opinion you have not earned it.

You are not a Pharaoh, Mr. Alito. Judges are, after all, just people. They are made of the same human skin that EVERYONE is. They put their socks on the same way, eat dinner the same way, and have meltdowns the same way.

Perhaps if you seek a dictatorship, Russia would be more your style of country. The fact is, this is America. We believe in free speech. It’s in the Constitution. And we can say anything we want.

For example, free speech allows me to call you an ignoramus. It lets me say upfront that you are in the wrong line of work, know zilch about humanity, and come off as one of the bitterest, most unhappy humans I’ve ever had the displeasure to see.

Of course, you have the right to make court rulings. We have the right not to like them, especially if we consider them partisan.

And while we ‘re on the subject, Sammy, you should not be insinuating who the leaker is if you’re not prepared to name names. You know, Sammy, many think it’s YOU. That might be false. But who knows who the leaker is? If the investigation had not been gone so incompetently, we’d know.

And yes, we can criticize you, just as you did President Obama’s speech by screaming “liar” and making a spectacle of yourself. After all– what’s good for the Sammy goose is most definitely good for the gander.

My advice to you? Smile more. Smell the roses. Calm yourself. Do some reading. I can recommend “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Most of all, please realize that you are perceived as a joke, an insecure, belittling little man who will go down in history as one of the worst justices of all time.

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