Turns out Donald Trump Jr is even sicker than we thought


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This is a story about a boy. I use that term deliberately because this child is not and never will be a man. This is a boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. All his life, the boy has been pretty much useless.

If I had to describe the boy, it would be as s snot-nosed kid, little more than a boy who is stuck in time, seemingly without the ability to age and develop critical thinking skills. This boy is ignoble and mean-spirited.

His life seems to consist of hanging out on Twitter, hunting defenseless animals, attacking people for having strokes (John Fetterman), making awful jokes, and bragging about his family. This is the story of Donald Trump Junior.

The boy is the eldest child of insurrectionist Donald trump. He likely came out of the womb with that greasy smirk on his face. He’s been investigated for fraud. He’s been laughed at, sneered at, and generally thought of as a fool by anyone with common sense.

One thing the boy is quite good at is self-pity. The boy’s got nothing to complain about, but he does it anyway. This past Thursday, the boy’s bank, PNC Bank dumped the boy’s company, MXM News. This hurt the little boy’s feelings badly, and he went on to do what the boy does best — complain.

He blamed his demise on wokeness. The truth is the boy simply has little talent. Most did not want to tune in to see his angry little boy videos where he rants and raves and speaks in mostly unintelligible words.

Crooks and Liars called the boy a “douche canoe.” I do love that nickname and am hoping it sticks. The douche canoe is one of the most talentless, whiny, pathetic, awful, infantile, unpleasant, and repelling characters I’ve ever seen.


He is also assured of ending up like his daddy — friendless, jobless, and alone, as only someone like the boy COULD be alone. This has been a story about a boy — an angry, simpering, unintelligent boy and the spawn of Donald john trump. Like father, like son.


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