Donald Trump’s own Turnberry resort staffers just gave him up

When Mike Pence made a public point out of corruptly staying at Donald Trump’s golf resort in Ireland, the media went digging for other similar incidents, and quickly exposed that U.S. military personnel have been improperly staying at a Trump resort in Scotland on a systematic basis. Now Trump’s own Turnberry staffers have given him up.

It’s not just that the U.S. Air Force overpaid for fuel at an airport that Donald Trump has a partnership with. It turns out the U.S. military has been taking buses full of soldiers to stay at Trump’s Turnberry resort, going way out of their way to do it, sometimes arriving in the middle of the night, and paying far more than closer hotels would have cost.

This is according to a stunning new expose from the New York Times. What’s fascinating is that the information is coming from people who work at Trump Turnberry. Donald Trump’s own employees are giving him up, either because they’re embarrassed that the criminal scandal happened on their watch, or because they want Trump ousted, or both.

Let’s be clear here. We’re talking about the President of the United States taking busloads of U.S. soldiers around in the middle of the night so they can stay at one of his overpriced properties, and he can embezzle taxpayers funds. Not only is this felonious, it’s the kind of scandal that could motivate even some Republican voters to just stay home on election day. More to the point, this scandal is still getting started. We’re sure it’ll soon get uglier.

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