Donald Trump and Bill Barr caught in major scandal involving Turkey

Donald Trump is a criminal and crook, advancing the agendas of enemy nations and lining his own pockets at the expense of the wellness of the United States. This administration will prove to be the most corrupt in history. One thing that happens when you have Corruptus Maximus is that we become numb to stories that should raise major concerns. While Tucker Carlson invents stories about missing documents, the real corruption continues to come out about the Trump crime family.

It turns out Turkish President Erdogan pushed his puppet Donald Trump into having Bill Barr meddle in yet another investigation. According to the New York Times story:

“For months, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey had been pressing President Trump to quash the investigation, which threatened not only the bank but potentially members of Mr. Erdogan’s family and political party. When Mr. Berman sat down with Mr. Barr, he was stunned to be presented with a settlement proposal that would give Mr. Erdogan a key concession.
Mr. Barr pressed Mr. Berman to allow the bank to avoid an indictment by paying a fine and acknowledging some wrongdoing….Mr. Berman didn’t buy it.”


This should be shocking and it shows again that Trump and Barr should be investigated and prosecuted post-election for criminal conduct. We as Americans must stay focused, vote like our lives depend upon it, and turn the White House and Senate blue. We can then make sure Trump Family and associates pay the price.

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