Tucker Carlson’s enemies list

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One thing I adore doing, dear readers, is making lists. I am that type of person. I have lists of favorite books, for example. Perhaps you, too have created some kind of list or lists sometime in your life.

And this article is about a list, all right — it differs a bit from your average list, however. You see, readers, this list hasn’t been created yet. However, a certain person is asking their followers to create it. A certain little monster is inciting violence, rage, and discord.

This is the hate list. The hate list is that which Tucker Carlson has implored his viewers to create. Such a list would include any politician whom Tucker viewers deem is acting against the best interests of the American people. And this list would primarily include republicans.

“If you’re watching this at home, it would be kind of interesting to keep a list ” Tucker tells his viewers. “They’re all in agreement with each other” Tucker continues. “So keep a list. If you want to know who’s actually aligned, despite the illusion of partisanship, we find out today.”

I have no doubt, friends and readers, that even as I write these words, such a list is being created by little Maga/Tucker fans across this country and beyond. Hate lists. How quaint. Kind of reminds one of Nazi Germany doesn’t it? These are the members of the cult of tucker who always believe in the cult whisperer.

They believe him, they obey him, and their hate matches his. So yes, out of the ether will spring many a hate list. Sad, isn’t it? In cable news, it’s about money. And BEING that it’s about money, these networks will sometimes attract the lowest of the low, the most hateful, and the ultimate in evil.

Because sometimes that’s what money and power attract. And one must also remember that Tucker, like Donald Trump, does not appear to have a conscience. This isn’t a surprise. Hate attracts hate. Sociopathy attracts sociopathy. Only now, there’s the list. And tucker is essentially ordering his minions to hate republicans every bit as much as democrats. This cannot lead anywhere good.

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