Tucker Carlson ratchets up his calls for violence even further

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I want to tell you a story. It is about fake news, lies, and — violence. The place was Fox Non-News. The two men speaking were Tucker Carlson and JD Vance. Tucker, as you know, is a little ogre of hate who nonetheless has his show. Vance is a former never-Trumper who is masquerading as a Maga so he can become Ohio’s next Republican Senator.

The topic was children in school. Teachers programming their students? Teachers as the enemy? Why aren’t the dads “thrashing” the teachers, Tucker wondered aloud. “Thrashing the teachers” — you read that correctly.

Vance, frantically trying to gain fresh ground in the shit-show of the Ohio Senate Republican race, offered this: “On the one hand, the Democrats are actually advocating teaching about sexuality in crazy gender theory to seven-year-olds.”

Carlson wondered where the dads were. Vance explained, “schools are hiding these teachings from parents.” Right. This was an example of fake news. It is also an example of primitive outcries — primordial salutes — dog whistles that terrorize. I call it Operation suburbia.

Operation suburbia wants those suburban moms. They WANT those moms angry, suspicious, infuriated, and illogical. Operation Suburbia is toying with their minds. What better way to ensure their devoted votes than with fake news about the children they love so much?

Carlson likely does it for money. Vance for power. Vance hates Trump. This is evidenced in many of his writings. Consider these words:

“Trump’s promises are the needle in America’s collective vein.”

“Trump is cultural heroin.”

“There is no self-reflection in the midst of a false euphoria.”

“He (Trump) cannot fix what ails them, and one day they’ll realize it.”

Who spoke these words? JD Vance, the man sitting cozily with Tucker — BEFORE he decided to run for office. It came from an article written by Vance and published in The Atlantic. I won’t link to it, but the title is “Opioid of the Masses.”


How far the GOP has advanced in their hatred! I remember when most in the GOP looked upon teachers with admiration. And now Tucker Carlson wants to ‘thrash” them. But this is the problem with embracing Trumpism. The Republicans doing the embracing have to hate not just liberalism but everyone — except those who move in lockstep. These pitiful souls have been indoctrinated, and it appears they’re the last ones to know it.

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