Donald Trump is trying to kill us all

Donald Trump is officially trying to kill us all with his stupidity and ignorance. He is pushing school districts to reopen and is threatening them if they do not, though his threats are merely more of his bullying tactics. He does not have the authority to withhold federal funding from schools. When will he learn that Congress holds the purse strings?

CNN reported that he can restrict pandemic relief funding, though that will likely land him in court. Is Trump really so hell-bent on pretending that coronavirus does not exist that he is willing to sacrifice our children? His crusade does not stop there.

The Washington Post reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been “sidelined” by the White House. Trump is clueless about coronavirus, and he would rather sweep anything that makes sense under the carpet. He is the reason it is out of control, but hell will freeze over before Trump admits a mistake, even a deadly one. He has done nothing but make mistakes during his time in office but glossing over coronavirus is one mistake that will continue to haunt him long after he leaves office.

While Fauci said that the country “is not in a good place,” Trump told Greta Van Susteren: “I disagree with him.” What is there to disagree with Fauci about? The virus numbers continue to climb, as do the deaths. This disease is so contagious that very casual contact allows it to spread. Until we know how to stop the spread, Trump can disagree all he wants, but Fauci is correct. We do not need to rush to open schools and endanger our children. Rushing to open bars and restaurants has already proven to be a bad idea. Why exacerbate that by using our children as the next round of guinea pigs? Why endanger teachers, who are already not paid enough for what they do? The very idea is ludicrous.

The most idiotic reasoning behind Trump’s dislike of Fauci is that he has been “wrong sometimes.” Well, Fauci is not God, and as far as we know, he cannot read the future. Coronavirus is a “novel virus,” which means we are confronted with a disease which medical professionals know little or nothing about. Medicine is a science, but it is not magic. Coronavirus is like the HIV/AIDS outbreak, which was a new phenomenon. While the medical community worked on it, many men died. Now, people are living with HIV, and the time will come when we are able to live with COVID. It is not the time to play the “blame game.” It is time for everyone to pitch in, and if they have nothing to contribute (Trump), then they need to shut up and step out of the way and let the experts work.

Trump’s behavior with respect to Fauci displays his ignorance at the highest level. Likely, Trump is put off by Fauci’s approval rating versus his own. WaPo reported that 67% of voters trust Fauci for virus information while only 26% trust Trump. The thought that 26% trust Trump about anything is disturbing let alone a deadly disease.

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