Trump world is panicking

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The power’s going out again in Texas. Ted Cruz is, no doubt, jetting his way to the Ritz in Cancun. Matt Gaetz is changing his diaper about now because “Big Joe” Elliott’s case has now been assigned to the Joel Greenberg judge. It’s good to consolidate these cases when there are going to be more of them.

The survival of America is being questioned right now because Trump is offering pardons to his co-conspirators and Rudy Giuliani is on TV being normalized instead of being shunned as the traitor he is. But America will survive simply because we voted and will continue to vote for people who will do the job.

Ignore the doomsayers, ignore the trucker MAGA convoys, ignore the BS. It’s being normalized on the far right to admire Putin and call NATO as mess. Good luck with that. Yes, the yahoos are going to believe it but as we’ve told you again and again, there aren’t enough of them to matter.

All these “ops” such as rallies, and messing with the electors, and the latest one that Trump wanted the mail-in ballots counted last to further his fraud outcry, are ridiculous. America doesn’t work that way. And these people and their theories have been reduced pontificating on Lindell TV. Now that you’ve had your good laugh for the day, let’s move on to the real world which is full of real and looming indictments. For many if not all of these clowns.

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